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৳ 17,500 ৳ 13,940


৳ 17,500 ৳ 13,940

This system will be your main communication device – to connect office and outside business partners, customers, friends, and your family members.

KX-TES824 supports 3 Line and 8 Ext. By adding optional cards, you can easily expand the system capacity to 8 outside 24 extension * Depending on your company’s growth. This phone system offers the capability to meet the requirements of the most complex, the cost of great concern to users. You can be a variety of traditional phone lines equipped with communications equipment connected to this system, such as cordless phones, answering machines, computer modems, credit card verification machines, fax machines and any other equipment.

Panasonic KX-TES824 for small business or home office environment requires a variety of flexible phone system is the ideal communication device selection.